A Season In Hell

A Season In Hell

From A Season in Hell & Illuminations by Arthur Rimbaud, translated by Bertrand Mathieu (BOA Editions, ). Used by permission. Used by permission. A volatile and peripatetic poet, the prodigy Arthur Rimbaud wrote all of his poetry in a span of less than five years.

I still enjoy reading A Season In Hell, even after having read it many times. Ultimately, the work is flawed; it has a little too much affected insanity, angst, the sign of an adolescent work, but it is also full of pure poetry and by: 7.

Written by Rimbaud at age 18 in the wake of a tempestuous affair with fellow poet, Paul Verlaine, A Season in Hell has been a touchstone for anguished poets, artists and lovers for over a century. This volume presents the text in French and English with photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe/5.

Rimbaud actually had "A Season In Hell" and "The Drunkened Boat" published himself before leaving behind literature. Louise Varese's translation is revised from her earlier translation. This is even better than when I first read it years ago/5(5).

 · A Season in Hell. by Arthur Rimbaud. A while back, if I remember right, my life was one long party where all hearts were open wide, where all wines kept flowing. One night, I sat Beauty down on my lap.—And I found her galling.—And I roughed her up. I armed myself against : Arthur Rimbaud.

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