Projects Being a keen programmer and interested in all aspects of games, Ive created a number of small projects over the last few years in my spare time.

Chronodynamics Limited develops and markets medical therapeutic and diagnostic devices. The Company develops and tests chronobiological rhythm monitoring systems for .

Chromodynamics definition, quantum chromodynamics. See more. Give these words new meaning by adding them to your lexical repertoire and proving that untranslatable words translate pretty .

Quantum chromodynamics is a theory of the strong nuclear force. The force that holds quarks together to form protons and neutrons, among other ted Reading Time: 8 mins.

Quantum Chromodynamics Background. Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) was a quantum field theoretic explanation of the interaction of electrons and photons. It was very successfull in giving precisely verfied predictions and the formulators were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. Around some of the top physicists were hard at work trying to.

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